Considering working with us? It helps to hear what others have said. 

From the Turri family:

We started working with Melisa and Erik over a year ago when we signed up for their THRIVE Program. After completing the program we started doing one-on-one online couples Coaching with them. The THRIVE Program helped set a foundation for the change we wanted and needed, while the Coaching helped us put the changes we wanted into action. 

I think our struggles as a couple were common ones that others can relate -- a husband who is overly dedicated to his job and isn't home enough, a wife who is tired and overwhelmed. After years of this scenario and disconnect, we were not talking, connecting and living as a couple.

Melisa and Erik would listen to our struggles, offer genuine and honest feedback and then help us set goals to achieve before our next session. Melisa and Erik helped give us the tools we needed to communicate better with each other. We gained insight on how to understand each other's temperaments and how our different temperaments lead to much of our misunderstanding as a couple. They helped us to see each other in a new light. 

Our time together has been of immeasurable value to our family. We are grateful to have had Melisa and Erik in our lives and know that like good friends, we can call upon them again if the need arises.